Anal Bleaching – Fact or Fiction?

Anal Bleaching.  Chances are you have heard of it.  And chances are you are picturing pouring Clorox bleach on your private areas.  Ouch.

Wrong.  Anal bleaching is just a term that is used.  Unless you are crazy, there is no bleach involved.

So that brings us to the title of this article – Fact or Fiction?

Anal Bleaching is a FACT

You might not like it or might not know much or anything about it, but anal bleaching is real and tens of thousands of people (by some accounts) do it every day.

We live in a world now where everything and everyone is looked at so closely and people are so much more aware of their bodies than ever before, simply because we tend to show off more and more of our bodies than ever in modern human history.

Do a search on Google for anal bleaching.  When this article was written there was an amazing 529,000 search results.  529,000!! Can you believe it?  That just goes to show how popular anal bleaching has become.

I referred to this site in an earlier article, but was just back there recently when I was doing research for this article.  I wanted information on how anal bleaching works and this is what I found:anal-bleaching-meme

There are surgical and non-surgical methods of bleaching your anus.  The surgical methods work a lot quicker but are more expensive and like any surgery, carry some risks of harm to your body or side effects.  The non-surgical methods seem to work from what I have read but take quite a while (months sometimes) and don’t seem to work for everyone.

One of the problems I seem to have found if you want to go the non-surgical route is how to figure out what is the best product to use.  I guess this goes to show how popular anal bleachings is nowadays since there are dozens and dozens of different products out there, all claiming to be the best.

I’m not here to sell you on anything since I myself have never gone down this road myself.  I don’t know what the best product is so all I can suggest is doing your own research.  After all, if you are going to apply something to your very private areas, you alone should be the one comfortable with what you are applying.

Sorry if you were expecting me to give you more concise information – Like I said, if I had tried doing anal bleaching and could give you a recommendation, I would.  But as of now I haven’t done it.  Although in all honesty after reading all the reviews and message forums and stuff I can tell you I am seriously considering it.  If for nothing else but to quench my curiosity.

If any of my readers have tried anal bleaching or any other kind of intimate bleaching / whitening, please leave a comment and tell me and the other readers about your experience.  Sharing knowledge is what the internet was originally all about and it is about time we got back to those roots.

And last but not least, I leave you with a humorous video talking about anal bleaching.

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